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Have been reading Chitrangada by Tagore this weekend.
It about another of those princesses smitten by Arjuna though Tagore models this drama in a very sensitive and different way and herein the warrior princess is the equal of Arjuna at least thats the way the drama’s written . It ends by some very strong proposal by the princess
I am Chitra. No goddess to be worshipped, nor yet the object of common pity to be brushed
aside like a moth with indifference. If you deign to keep me by your side in the path of danger and daring, if you allow me to share the great duties of your life, then you will know my true self

The story as per Indian mythology is different and softer but then thats the joy of mythology …there are myths galore …to each his own.

It beautifully describes how the princess is spurned by Arjuna giving his celibacy vow as an excuse
when she meets him first in her true form and thus she gets a beauty as a boon from gods for a year
and when Arjuna breaks his vow on seeing her she is disillusioned .
But then the gods persuade her to keep the disguise for the year.
When i am in a critical mood i guess i would dissect everything and make all noises about stuff
but since i decided for now i am enjoying fairy tales and dramas in good spirit it was a nice read.
It probably reminded me of the same thoughts that made me write “The Charm of Appearances

Its been long though since i read Tagore.
Some times translations take away so much…i probably realize t a bit more as i have knowledge at least two languages which i an speak and understand to a great extent but cannot read but This book Lipika is relatively well translated by Indu Dutt.


I had got Tagore’s Lipika(Brief Writings) in a very old and soiled with ink condition and another book ‘The Gardener” on the street for some 10 or 20 rs 6 yrs ago and then i had loved it way too much cause it made you ponder a lot.
I wish i had blogged then…i seem clueless about my thoughts
except the one story which i somehow remeber well and recall at quite a few occasions.

Its a small writing called the “The First Letter

Herein a young man newly married has to leave his young bride to go abroad.
Then abroad while walking reading the first letter from her
where she begs him to return saying

Without you, when i do ot see you, the whole sky of my world is drenched in tears

At this point he wonders
What have I in me that has the value of those tears?
Then suddenly a group of foreign girls come across him on the
street and its described thus
Who knows what was exactly in his face or his dress or gait………but they hurried away bursting into a giggle
In that cruel amused laughter mountain springs also changed their tune

Now he wonders
What was the value in my looks that could provoke such laughter
and then he cant stop himself and goes back to his letter and
re reads the lines asking him to return.

Somehow i find myself often wondering on such lines when people are sweet or nice or cruel to me or vice versa(coz i too seem to be nice and cruel to some)
in ways that seem to have no explicable reasons.
I will probably re read those other stories and post some more .


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