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This weekend i ended up quite unwillingly at ‘Namaste London’…Not a movie i wanted to see but well ended. Its a movie wherein nothing struck really. Ok Katrina’s pretty but the music sucks and well not a great fan of Akshay and story …hmm old wine in older bottle.

As a movie it does not even give you a headache its simply unaffecting except of course in one or two parts where i was impressed…by the dialogues or the discussion.
Best was the argument between Rishi Kappor and his wife wherein he keeps blaming the wife for the daughter becoming as she has and the repartees by the wife are excellent about Indians in general and men in particular.

Parts where there is the statement how they want to live in a cleaner
London but want to keep up their own traditions.
The movie though at points is wonderfully honest…like when Akshay tells his father in law …that now that they are in London…he can’t do a thing …his own daughters complaint might land him in jail…pretty much implying that in India such complications are never an issue.

But other than that mostly its the same nationalistic triumphs and harping on India’s glorious past….and how foreigners can be never loyal and counted upon..and that love at first sight thing of Akshay in the movie sucks…and then that committed waiting….as if all Indian men would really wait for a runaway bride.

Somehow the movie reminded me of the book by Meera Syal…”Life isnt all haa ha hee hee”. rather than such movies about London or the expatriates i liked the realistic and ironic and comic potrayal of the trials , dilemmas and troubles faced by such. I guess there’s a BBC drama too on it.

The books showcases more deeply why a relationship with a foreigner or even someone from a different state or strata sometimes may really leave you regretting.
One beautiful example in the book is wherein Tania living in with a foreigner who’s quite nice and loyal but she observes how her friends husband calls her ‘Jaan’ and she misses it. For all that she has she misses the connection that word brings.

The different associations and falsities they live through.Best though i liked the way the character Tania in the book who pretty much never tries to look or be Indian in the traditional sense says……among people and places where they all try to find out about the exotic stuff and all associated with India…she says something to the effect “i don’t need to put in on or act it or learn it and prove it ….because i am the original…i am Indian”.

That is why the scope of books ever exceeds a movie but more than that these days whenever i see a movie i feel our new directors start off with a brilliant idea but don’t have the courage to follow it up and give in to the same tested formulas….hype jingoism and comedy for the sucking masses.I felt the same when i watched Honeymoon Travels. I
t was a nice story which could have been oh so much more and quite a few such movies these days which have some brilliant or honest part in them and then they get lost in the requisite ingredients of Bollywood.

Not that i dislike Bollywood formulas for a weekend fun if directed properly but one does wish that something more when you see a good idea.Takes time i guess…


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am amazed at people who remember every joke from movies seen decade ago and actually it seems the only timepass for quite some….an evergreen rehash of the jokes esp in regional cinema. I feel inadequate to comment on this being good or bad them but yeah a whole of them are not to my taste. I mean relating every thing in life to some movie comedian.
I saw some last hour of this movie and well it was a nice one of a different era. What i remember
is though some of the last lines of the movies. rarely do i remember dialogues from movies or
even books. Some just strike a chord……and just stay on.
One was this from the movie “Monalisa Smile”

Not all who wander are aimless
I’ve heard her called a quitter for leaving……an aimless wanderer. But not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition…… beyond definition….. beyond the image.”

Re-read this again and considering my aimless feeling it sort of touches.I deny that i seek some
great truth or want to make a difference but yes i wander in my own spheres of mind,aimlessly in
this very sharp aiming world for some reason something beyond my words…….some thing that i
seek out beyond what seems traditionally perfect..it is not selfless…in fact it is something
very selfish.At least ive been very clear on that in the past few years of my life.Yeah i seek to wander out but when i cant in reality i seem to wander in my mind and hence have been aimless.
Anyways that led me to the original quote…thats the charm of google for me
All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost;

Another very nice point i pondered upon……

Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s
self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance,
learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all.-Thomas Szasz,author, professor of psychiatry

Why even even the best after a point stagnate.Self esteem’s not a bad thing to have unlike a
super ego but for learning further yes even self esteem may be need to be sacrificed at some
time……only point here remains how much and of what you are willing to learn.Ignorance can be bliss in oh so many cases….Learning is painful.
Choices…its all our choices….
to be meek, nice to others and lose oneself…to be kind and get pained….
to be brave for oneself and may be hurt others…….
to give up a lifetime’s peace for a moments charm…..
to give up own dream for a chance to be a part of someone’s dream…….
to wander…to lose….to be aimless.

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Hmm Well I disliked the movie sure and so did many others but well what i did not like was the reasons actually they are giving for it. Its way too stupid the way its being projected as though if you just see that movie you’’ll think about ending your relationships.

While i thought the way the story was handled sucked big time but unlike others i think the theme was just fine….whats the use of continuing any relationship which simply adds on pain with every passing second. People comment saying that its so bad of Karan Johar to say its ok to walk out of a marriage even when a child is involved.
Well do these people ever think that it affects a child worse if they have a set of parents who stay together but always hate each other sometimes openly and sometimes indirectly.Its better if they go seperate ways amicably i guess and if the child is well provided for rather than subject a child to falsified marital bliss and then ask the child to repay one fine day for all the sacrifices made.
In fact the way Shahrukh treated his kid in first half i think he would be better off without such a Dad.But then thats serious stuff.

Actually one chap commented really well on Sulekha when he said do you ask Hollywood directors that did you see the aliens or dinosaurs then why torture Karan Johar saying why he made a movie on marriage without being married.
Well he made a bold attempt and its Classic stupid scripting but to say the least did anyone ever observe it is mostly stupid people who do bold things because sensible people think……and hence wont dare.

The only fine thing in the movie was when Amitabh says in the movie at least Rishi will have a chance to be loved truly by someone (Coz she being a hopeless case suited for that loser Dev…perfect match……………and yeah true even losers in this world like Rani and Shahrukh in the movie have a right to be winners in Love.)

So finally times have changed at least in movies……what could not be made by any director in Silsila days(though i think that ‘s the way you develop the story rather than the love at first sight way Johar developed..its a sin to compare these two movies anyway) is made by Johar in KANK.But whatever happens Indians love the regressive expensive Bhansali movies…..

Most funny though was watching Amitabh justifying his role on TV saying he’s open about all his activities with his son and not hiding it wow!!!!!.
In the end what we all forget is this is all BIG BUSINESS…..and its all about money honey…which KJ sure would’ve made enough.

Anyway all this talk reminds me of that excellent book called Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. If relationships have to be studied one must read it. It will make you see the futility in the end of most relationships i guess……..Gosh its such a sad tragic book and sooo upsetting that i never can get myself to write a review about it.

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Its probably only the second movie review on my Blog.I am not very good at this as i cant speak in all those artistic terms of cinematography and all that but well here’s how my KANK experience was.
After a long time i made enough fuss about getting tickets to a movie…hmm well did not manage to get them but my friend simply walked in and managed to get two in the afternoon. Well at the end of the movie i was glad all the fuss and energy i expended was on phone and net and not in person. Gosh what a kitsch of nonsense it turned out to be mostly.
Yes this is from a Shahrukh fan……this marks the begining of the end for Sharukh i guess as Bollywood’s best romantic.He simply did not look as good..its fine he fitted the part some may say but heck this movie is for Bollywood i guess and he should look good.
This movie is neither here nor there. Neither is this movie that beautiful chiffon saga which though absolutely unreal is great for people with romantic fantasies Nor is the movie a true class of art realistic story.

It simply irritates you…..its that stupid……its not like the theme is bad or zara hat ke or anything like that….. KANK is pure mixture of good intentions may be but terrible execution. It had what you’d call in software Integration issues(modules in themselves are great but they just dont work together).
If you just take Amitabh’s part as fun track he’s excellent but what the heck in this story is it needed and it seems so unnecessary and cheap.

If you want to know what zero chemistry means watch Shahrukh and Rani.Even the best direction will not make them look convincing as the most soulful lovers.

If you see this movie you will realise what difference Kajol makes to a movie.I thought K3G was a nonsensical movie but then it had such wonderful performances by Kajol and that part of the romance at least was enjoyable and beleivable.Though i hate amitabh’s chauvinist character in it very much.

Sentimentally of course i liked the scene where Amitabh asks Rani to leave Abhishek…honestly at least he would have chance to be loved which he deserved.

Abhishek ‘s great looks wise and acting wise quite touching and so was Preity as the strong one. Rani well i did not expect anything from her. Sharukh oh it was so dissapointing…he simply bored and irritated. What a hopeless character Dev’s character is.
KANK’s most enjoyable scene for me actually was when when Preity Zinta says at the end to Rani…”itni saza bas hai uske liye…nahi…abhi to tumhe Dev ke saath rehna hai”. Honestly living with such a character can be a torture…watching him was enough torture.

Actually the story i thought could have been written so very well if it had been written as a story and not a script which needs comedy, a Mother , a father and some humor and jokes. It was so ridiculous when Sharukh says he felt Rani was his soulmate when he met her on a bench…..Gosh…..I guess love at first sight is better handled by Mani Ratnam..even he gives it some time to sink in.
Even the song picturizations were not as good as usually these movies have.

Now i just am thinking how to avoid if someone asks me to come to see the movie again
as i had told people no issues i’ll come with you again when they asked me to wait till next week.

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A chain of thoughts

Saw Rang de basanti finally..Dont want to write a review of it..enough movie critics to do it.Its a Good MOVIE…I think i highlighted what i mean…MOVIE.

The post though is a disjointed chain of thoughts.
Its a very good movie…thats it….one of those rare ones in indian cinema where there is hardly any melodrama.

But is the movie so pathbreaking …awakening to the new generation i am not sure…its a movie.If someone wants to make it a beacon to reality it kind of is hard.Probably the one truest line of the movie is when Aamirs character says
“par bahar ki life me na jaane kitne DJ haar gaye” or something to that effect…my dialogue memory is poor.
I see this in the shadow of reading about S.Manjunath a IIM graduate killed by the corrupted oil mafia.I have all strange thoughts about this jingoism of patriotism so may be i dont get inspired too much.Dont know….

But i look back and think has India ever been defeated in by any kind of army or armed conflict.They have always been defeated by some traitor for greed, internal hatred,other differences…..(take the case of british sneaking in or prithviraj , Tipu sultan, Azad all betrayed by one of their own).Then why so much a bugle of “We the great indians”…i dont get it.

First they start with patriotism which they link with culture and culture is then imposedby honor and the whole brunt of this is borne by women.To protect the culture its always women who have to do this ,that, not be like this, follow this……and all the patriotism, inspiration, culture all ends up rotting….being the perfect families in ekta kapoor serials.
People suddenly become relegious after their forties a bit too much and think the young have degenerated.

Why do we always look to history…what was good then is it necessary it will be good now.We all hate it …including me but isn’t life in the end …….adaptability.

If we had remained in prehistoric time saying this is our culture…would there be any progress in any way at all.History somehow is a bane for a country in todays times as History culture and relegion are the foremost things usedto organize a mob….a mob can be manipulated because a mob cannot think……. its led in the way the manipulator wants shrewdly…….

If history was only used to learn from past mistakes it’d be some good else its simply a potent tool….which is the reason the manipulation of history texts is a big issue.
Yeah i think of mobs of how individuals get lost…mobs consist of the greatest individual cowards in general which actually are the majority of this world.One of the classic examples of mob is from history…..Julius caesar(yeah i know ive posted on it earlier)
A mob within hours starts thinking in two diametrically different directions(baying for the blood of the same person they put up on a pedestal) ….. all manipulated by the power of speech………and what a speech it is…..Classic Absolutely.

A conversation i heard….Walking back home i hear two old grandmas speaking.

A1: My blood was boiling…i packed my bags …after all for that little food do i have too hear all that
A2: Yeah true
A1: (some desciption i dont hear) Then she said sorry, apologised…. it was her mistake only …. huh who cares for sorry
A2: yeah do what you wish then say sorry…They will suffer the same from their children one day.
A1: What one day …They are doing it now only.Our upbringing only was different …we used to beat them and they listened ….Now they get asked upfront by their children”Why are you beating me”…..We are being questioned now at this age…they are being questioned now only..huh huh ha….our culture only was different, special..they dare not speak out then.

Its amusing or something to wonder i dont exactly know…………

An afterthought in general
This may seem horrible but its just a pattern of thinking so i am keeping a note….
The movie began with “if your blood still does not boil then your blood is water”
Ahem i just think may be water is better…you can see things clearer……blood clots…..blood differs, divides…….. water doesn’t.(well till it becomes a river i guess and if its Kaveri…o my God)This chain of thoughts better end here.

All the while i am lost in another story that i guess better be the next post.

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