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Somewhere within your loving look I sense,
Without the least intention to deceive,
Without suspicion, without evidence,
Somewhere within your heart the heart to leave.

                                                                Vikram Seth

When i feel the least like writing or even reading something new i read the old already read books and poetry but then i love them all over again and wish to post them.
I guess this blog has lot of Vikram Seth’s fine poetry on it which i post cause i love just rereading it.

Another lovely one below


Across these miles I wish you well.
May nothing haunt your heart but sleep.
May you not sense what I don’t tell.
May you not dream, or doubt, or weep.
May what my pen this peaceless day
Writes on this page not reach your view
Till its deferred print lets you say
It speaks to someone else than you.

Vikram Seth


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The most impassioned of all trees,
The home of three intensities;
Gnarled trunk, dark concentrated leaf,
And flowers that burn in love and grief.

These are part of those haunting lines by Vikram Seth  and
 i really dig them too much and they kind of get imprinted on the mind.

This was a small draft i saved somewhere  and i just though i better get over with it.

Last year when i had to walk 10 mins home everyday across some lovely houses with gardens-  there used to be these trees with the sweetest orange flowers….and most of us know its the Anarkali.(Sad if we can only remember Salim now).

I have been so off mood that i looked back on my own blog
and then thought ….
why once upon a time i was so better at cribbing ….
now its such a boring rant….
Almost all in life seems so hopeless….
dont know whats the fuss is all about …
its not just me…most people just go on living ….and on.
But then i realise we create our own hypes…
our own passions which keeps us going….
the movies and movie stars/cricket and cricketers /Harry Potter/TV shows/Stock

markets /chat forums/hours of gossip/ambitions and even blogging for some.

But honestly what i still like when i look back and reread  are my favorite poems

and my thoughts on reading books.
Actually thats what it seems is missing….its been so long that i read a pure
fiction story apart from Harry Potter.(Well i better not start on it again…).
I need that escape …my books else this is how i become .

Bad memory has its pleasures.
I was looking up some old selected quotes and found this quote

People who are not in love fail to understand how an intelligent man can suffer because of a very ordinary woman. This is like being surprised that anyone should be stricken with cholera because of a creature so insignificant as the comma bacillus.
Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past, vol. 2, “Swann’s Way: Swann in Love”

Some people have an awesome way with words….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Comma bacillus …ROFL………..

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Read through the lovely poem below by Elizabeth browning and then i suddenly remembered one of my favorite song by Jagjit Singh – “Pyaar mujhse kiya tumne to kiya paaogi” from the movie Saath Saath.
(Its the only cassette which i needed to buy a second time as it was overused before the free mp3 days. Chitra Singh is too good in Arth and Saath Saath songs. Adore her voice somehow as much as Jagjit Singh’s….esp that Tu nahi to zindagi me song…….hmmmm)

Can it be right to give what I can give?
To let thee sit beneath the fall of tears
As salt as mine, and hear the sighing years
Re-sighing on my lips renunciative
Through those infrequent smiles which fail to live
For all thy adjurations? O my fears,
That this can scarce be right! We are not peers,
So to be lovers; and I own, and grieve,
That givers of such gifts as mine are, must
Be counted with the ungenerous. Out, alas!
I will not soil thy purple with my dust,
Nor breathe my poison on thy Venice-glass,
Nor give thee any love–which were unjust.
Beloved, I only love thee! let it pass.

—elizabeth browning—

pyar mujh se jo kiyaa tumne to kya paaogi
mere haalaat ki aandhi mein bikhar jaaogi

ranj aur dard ki basthi ka main baashinda hoon
ye to bas main hoon ke is haal mein bhi zinda hoon
khwaab kyoon dekhoon wo kal jispe main sahrminda hoon
mainjo sharminda hoon to aur tum bhi sharmaaogi

kyoon mere saath koi aur pareshaan rahe
meri duniya hai jo weeraan to weeraan rahe
zindagi ka ye safar tum pe to aasaan rahe
humsafar mujhko banaaogi to pachtaaogi

ek main kya abhi aayenge diwaane kitne
abhi goonjenge mohabbat ke taraane kitne
zindagi tumko sunaaegi fasaane kitne
kyoon samajhti ho mujhe bhool nahi paaogi


Even reminiscences can be coincidental

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On Being …….

All rolled into one and defined as unprofessionalism…..
when seen by an onlooker
Being human is a sin somehow


How i wish i could be positive

When all you are surrounded by are negatives

How i wish i could be positive

when a question is asked because its needed to dispel the negative

Theres some dark abyss in life

I see it again

somehow i am quite positive

about its presence

How i wish i could be negative about this

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Ah….Yet to get over that wonderful line by karla in Shantaram

“i take everything personally….thats what being a person is all about”
That book seems to be the only nice thing i can think since quite some time.

But i found some lines of mine from a few days back fair enough to post.

Why i love the storm in the air
I don’t see the huts it demolishes
i don’t see the homeless shivering
I don’t see the trees uprooted
I don’t see the devastated look it leaves on civilization

What i see is what i feel
a rage against this very world
So i love the lashing rain on my window,
the gales hell bent on smashing the glass around,

and when its had its say
i see the fresh green emerging
the peace sought all around echoing
So i love the storm in the air

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Time changes us some say
It does not it only unfolds us some say…..I am not sure and it surely can be a matter of another post but yeah times have altered perspectives truly.

There was a point in time years ago when half of what happened yesterday had happened. India were knocked out of the semi final in 1996….it was a moment for grief…it was funny how passionate one can be when young.Sort of remind me of those lines from the poem “Evening Solace”

But, there are hours of lonely musing,
Such as in evening silence come,
When, soft as birds their pinions closing,
The heart’s best feelings gather home.
Then in our souls there seems to languish
A tender grief that is not woe;
And thoughts that once wrung groans of anguish,
Now cause but some mild tears to flow.

And feelings, once as strong as passions,
Float softly back ­a faded dream;

Well so yesterday it was sort of very cool this time …somehow quite expecting them to lose…only some part of the old heart buried deep peeped out for miracles.
But reality sure was the flavor of the day and at no point was there any belief that India would be through…and the team did nothing to change that.
Sad part is unlike those days when some or the other unfortunate thing could be ascribed to failure…umpires …pitch..here it was so plain blunt clear we were just not good enough. Something had somehow blunted out the passion of the whole team….Somehow i usually even in worst moments dont imagine Sachin out but felt so casually that it was gone and thats how it was – gone.

Somehow it seems fitting and actually good that India is out. The whole real passion has died out i felt …sometimes i ask it it in general or specific to my being old enough to always reflect back on the older days.
I had only one reason to even bother to watch this world cup(huh bother …there were times i dared not use such a word about watching cricket.) …this would be the last World Cup of probably the generation of cricketers we grew up on.
Sachin Sourav and Rahul.I agree they did not do well here and if some
says drop them oh well please go ahead do it.

I just have one question in mind though ….and that is the matter of this whole post. Its a job for them in the end and lets say we do badly at our job at some time or actually most of the time……or rather not as well as say someone else is doing how many of us will go ahead and resign?

But yet we clamour that one should retire or give up.I too felt passionately many times esp in the past and do say stupid idiots when they ruin the whole day by some horrid stuff…..should be given one tight slap and other expletives but problem starts when one starts beleiving in them as super heroes.
They would be playing cricket in whatever way they can good or bad just like quitely our other sportspersons play their sports if we did not love them and the game as much…We put them up as heroes as there’s nothing as easy because our lives lack them in reality but when they turn out as vulnerable as us we hate them with vehemance.

“They are responsible for a whole set of fans who suffer so many things and watch them and love them”
yeah i said that a decade ago.
I wonder to what extent today would one take as much responsibility for the job you work just because all team members and leads adore your work and depend on you…but something somehow needed presently were were beyond the capabilities possessed.

They are humans just like you and me ….and if you ask me a bit better than you and me…cause i am not sure how many among us can resist the huge tempations that are offered to this bunch of cricketers by us or in us the fans name by the real businessmen of this world.

This is not to defend their game but to defend their right to live beyond their job….
Yeah i still say they deserve to value their job a little more and keep up its spirit because after all how many of us have the fortune of having a job we love and enjoy.

One good thing about their losing is this….

This match despite so much money on it in the end was NOT FIXED…
why simple for anyone who watched it.
If India had won almost everyone would have somewhere ascribed it to being Fixed.
Whole day prior to the match i was sick of hearing …”these bunch of jokers no good will lose if the match is not fixed.”

Yeah Sad a relatively(this word is very important) nice bunch of cricketers who gave us joyous moments once will retire without fullfilling dreams……. neither theirs(honestly even a cricketer who might be a match thrower sometime would like to win the world cup once
cause that is the dream you begin career with) nor our dreams fulfilled.

I guess thats why so many writers say cricket is the closest to Life in its intricacies and fortunes…and its Tragedies….and Comedies.

And India Pakistan take it somehow to the heights of Shakespearean Drama.Woolmer’s murder confirms that………Its unbeleivably tragic……and somehow so very Shakespearean i guess.

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am amazed at people who remember every joke from movies seen decade ago and actually it seems the only timepass for quite some….an evergreen rehash of the jokes esp in regional cinema. I feel inadequate to comment on this being good or bad them but yeah a whole of them are not to my taste. I mean relating every thing in life to some movie comedian.
I saw some last hour of this movie and well it was a nice one of a different era. What i remember
is though some of the last lines of the movies. rarely do i remember dialogues from movies or
even books. Some just strike a chord……and just stay on.
One was this from the movie “Monalisa Smile”

Not all who wander are aimless
I’ve heard her called a quitter for leaving……an aimless wanderer. But not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition…… beyond definition….. beyond the image.”

Re-read this again and considering my aimless feeling it sort of touches.I deny that i seek some
great truth or want to make a difference but yes i wander in my own spheres of mind,aimlessly in
this very sharp aiming world for some reason something beyond my words…….some thing that i
seek out beyond what seems traditionally perfect..it is not selfless…in fact it is something
very selfish.At least ive been very clear on that in the past few years of my life.Yeah i seek to wander out but when i cant in reality i seem to wander in my mind and hence have been aimless.
Anyways that led me to the original quote…thats the charm of google for me
All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost;

Another very nice point i pondered upon……

Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s
self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance,
learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all.-Thomas Szasz,author, professor of psychiatry

Why even even the best after a point stagnate.Self esteem’s not a bad thing to have unlike a
super ego but for learning further yes even self esteem may be need to be sacrificed at some
time……only point here remains how much and of what you are willing to learn.Ignorance can be bliss in oh so many cases….Learning is painful.
Choices…its all our choices….
to be meek, nice to others and lose oneself…to be kind and get pained….
to be brave for oneself and may be hurt others…….
to give up a lifetime’s peace for a moments charm…..
to give up own dream for a chance to be a part of someone’s dream…….
to wander…to lose….to be aimless.

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