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Sometimes its not nice to be right
Many times it hasnt been surprising

to be right about all the wrongs
Sometimes you feel bad that there are a host of people
 feeling more bad about whats not been nice
and you walk around with a smile and
take in a cool stride.
Being a cynic has always has its advantages and as i repeat
its not being negative…its just the art of accurate observation.

Too bad ….i very accurately predict bad news for myself.

Friends try blaming conspiracies and competition
but then i know these are the ways of my fate and
 not anyone’s machinations really.

I’ve been through half my life and well
i ve seen enough bad news not to care.
Not many know that and so they apologize
for being the bearer of such news.
And when i just smile and take it cool
not sure though whats the impression i am creating.

P.S: Last weekend watched HP-Order of the Phoenix.
 Heck 60% of the book is absent …
So much is missing…how do people who did not read the book follow it…
Well as Snape says in that splendid voice “No idea!!!…” Mmm
Was very displeased with the way the occlumency/penseive scenario was shot

And i really enjoy Fred and George weasley…though again
 i felt bad they left the line that i loved “Give them hell Peeves”.
Oh movies can never match up hmm…
I guess they should make up a word to word matching drama /soap
kind of thing rather like BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.
the worst part of 19th Sep was assuming i wont have time later i
literally went in the rain to return my books at the library and
did not get a single book and when i come back to office i get my news.At least i was more upset about that rather than anything else which at least as per me was expected.


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Crappy Days

One of the most boring and stupid posts of the blog i guess

Been at my laziest ….
Ive been thinking of writing a post but
never really am getting to actually do it
Things all around me are so suspended and
i am sort of waiting for them to happen
Don’t want to push anything as of now.

Was alone at home on Ganesh Puja
and a friend asked …did i go to a temple
Well No………and when i said i am not that relegious though no one says it but
people find it well not very comfortable i guess.
They then joke …gosh how will you manage if you end up in a relegious family.

What’s wrong with being agnostic or atheist
Never really get it and then someone had put this wallpaper on an extra desktop

at office where somehow wallpapers were yet not disabled.
Ah i wish it was on mine

“God made me an Atheist.
Who are you to question his wisdom?”

But as i said previously in some posts i am pretty agnostic… rather than atheist
i mean why bother proving any side.

I am an agnostic; I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.
(Clarence Darrow)

Actually this quote pretty much proves it
“There’s nothing an agnostic can’t do if he doesn’t know
whether he believes in anything or not”

I mean thats the mode i am in mostly these days
Whatever comes let it come…..
i am sure i would be able to do something about it.

In fact i seem to be hell bent on wasting time
Friends kind of are making me feel tedious
While i do enjoy company of some people
I find i am quite very happy by myself 50% of the time
and so feel confused when people pull you out for a movie
or the usual food stuff.
Food has never been my plus point anyways.
I am not sure where the whole life is drifting

Its been raining way too much this year
Almost sick of it at times.
If i hate anything really really its being sick and the past month
has taken a toll on me.
I hate hospitals…and more so dentists…these days.
Been a month since i had my twisted wisdom off me
but still am so very unwell and i am quite worried with this.
Why cant i be healthy and hale.

I went to a nearby hospital due to lack of time and now am questioning my

stupidity. I mean honestly with the way seats in medical get booked
you get scared of going to doctors all the more.Don’t even know whats wrong.
Every visit you end up with a new doctor at such hospitals.One doctor diagnoses,
one does the extraction and one checks it after a week.What can one expect. But

its plain stupidity on my part and i just pray that it works out well in the end.
After such crap above being agnostic …i write about my prayers…
Ah Such is my confusion.

One of our acquaintances told us how her cousin’s medical seat was pre booked for a huge sum. No problem about that i mean who cares if someone spends for themselves .
Next day when another similar neighbor was wrongly diagnosed and was lucky to
live through my sister summed it up when she remarked pretty unsympathetically
” This is what happens when you spend on such cases”.

I am not sure if i need to type this crap for posterity

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