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Saw  poem in IKWP’s comment and as I’ve always said when I read or hear any
good stuff in any native language even the best of English words seem not expressive enough.

Sometime last fornight was sorting my stuff and while I’ve written a lot about my English books from school
 I never wrote much on my HIndi stuff which was as fascinating .
In fact I found reciting them immense fun.
May be I should write about those memories since life right now is way too dull and listless.

So here’s one such which when I read I could not stop laughing in memories and when I took it to my sister
 she said you read stuff so much passionately and funnily then that if we had the same books and syllabus did not change I’d have passed without studying.

We both agreed that this deserved to become a poster for motivation in my ofice cubicle.

Its sarcastic, true and yet sweet and funny.It by Hindi poet Agyey and is based on the part from the epic
Ramayana where it is the monkey army who built the bridge which eventually helped Rama and his Army to cross over.

The english translation of this is

Those who build the bridges
will definitely be left behind
The armies will cross over
Ravan would be killed
Ram would be victorious
Those who were the
would be in history
known as monkeys.

The poems in that little thin book still fascinate me
sometimes making me believe in goodness
 sometime making me even more sarcastic.(My favorite Surdas poem I’ve made heartless fun of it in my mind by now – will post on it later)

My notes in that book are even funnier. I cant belive my Hindi Maa’m quite a old lady dictated them so beautifully.

shringar ka arth hai premi premika ka pyaar
shringaar do prakaar ke hothe hai
sanyog shringaar – jab ve saath hothe hai,
 viyog shringaar – jab ve door hothe hai

Ah those stupid days
Where to find such IX th Std kids now.
shringaar tho bas bindi hai I guess.

And then I found a ad and a song which I loved  those days.
It used to come before World This Week . The Monte Carlo one.

Hmm seems too plain now ,
but it has nostalgia
which nothing now can ever have.

In fact I looked up all my favorite ads from DoorDarshan those days on You tube.
The Cadbury’s one’s for me are tooo good and oh so many more.
I’ve become terribly old.
You know it when you douse yourself with so much nostalgia.


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Scattered thoughts

Been wanting to write since long but somehow things just dont work out. I was just looking up 2008 and I wrote like 3 posts a month. 2009
seems to be starting off worse. It not the numbers , its just that so much is there and yet so much seems the same and so much seems
worthless to key in.

There’s a virtual disconnect with people most of the time. There is work and yet no work which leaves you satisfied about something useful
created however trivial(Thing is my temperament seems to need that ). Seems like just catering to the whims of one and all out there.Have been
trying very hard to be harmonius in  a work environment where things seem to be extremely sour beneath the surface.Though we do the usual
smiling routines the vibes are worse than when there used to be open fights in my previous office.
I am like a neutral point because I’ve become immune to much stuff and am unambitious enough to care to take offense.

I am not keen on moving much from this company now (ok flexi timings and easy work culture is a great turn on) but seems like I
will have to later if not sooner – if nothing else finances may force it.
Things are the usual pain at home, but the change that will occur this year with Dad retiring and coming back home is quite a challenge in itself.

My own hurts within seems to have numbed in life – having given up on most stupid ideologies. I hardly seem to be bothered about much except health and wealth which still constitute worries.
What still bothers me is the pain I see around me-( oh no not I’m not that great now to talk about our worlds’s poverty and the heartless
villians). It just everyday people like me. I still see how we hurt each other , sometimes knowingly , sometimes wantingly and many a time
with no reason whatsoever on the surface and I still get disturbed by it.

Circumstances make us be friendly with people we despise and cold shoulder people you care for, so many times.
And I see how warm people turn heartless with circumstances and it makes you feel  all the more cynical.

A girl asked me about the scope of a job position in R&D in a electronics company and I said I dont know much , it all depends on so many things.

But what I wanted to say was that , we’ve entered the era of Insecurities.
No job , No life , No relation is secure, If one can depend on anything (to an extent that too) – its just oneself.
Everything in the world seems so fragile and evanescent.

I had so many things on my mind all through the last month and yet I’ve lost the ability to put them coherently somehow.
Reminded me again of Evening Solace.
Poetry is sometimes such a solace compared to a story which means a world at times.

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