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Quite Robotic !!

To state it simply it was a hugely underwhelming experience.
The hype , the praise surrounding Robot – I was prepared to be slightly dissapointed but really to be bored in a Rajni movie
– not expected and yet for most part I was bored.

It just meanders on , it tries to touch on high brow issues here and there no doubt about science and humans
and social effects but really just a scratch on surface.
For most part it just streches on. One movie whose success is beyond me.
As for Aishwarya she is so perfect for Robot.Such a beautiful Robotess??
In that song where in a scene multiple clones of Aishwarya came on screen I just thought what the heck is the movie all about.
If chitti likes Sana then the scientist shouldve made another Robot for Chitti just like Sana and let the matter rest.
Or the Robot who cloned himself all over shouldve made one like Sana who really likes him and program non cheating (but bugs will exist in code as always!!)

I do not dislike it – Its just boring. In fact of all mass heroes Rajnikanth is the most entertaining with whatever his patented stylishness is and yet this so boring a movie.
Crazy fans I understand – but even for them there is not a single rajni punch line or anything for mass hysteria seriously.

Oh Yeah technical brilliance appreciation is deserved – yeah for folks who never watched beyond Indian movies yes brilliant
– but anyone who saw other stuff wont find this mind blowing.
Yes this cost less was done at on etenth the price of Hollywood – so the director and technicians did a feat ,
admirable take nothing away from them – but the movie was enjoyable – how ??

The technical appreciation for an admirable work by an Indian while completely deserved , me being cruel thinking
reminded me of lalit Bhanot’s amazing comment during CWG. “Our standards are different than yours”

The movie lacked heart or emotional touch somehow for me – and since I am not a great technical effects fan I guess thats the core issue.Even in movies like Matrix I loved the subtext the emotional conflicts and the whole discussion etc rather than the high quality stunts and whatever.

But technical eye feast if thats to be talked of not in strict technical terms – of the few movies I’ve seen I just
have to say “Lord of the Rings” – I just love the whole setting and the extravagant setup.
There’s a joy in every character human or robotic .
I was terrified and disliked the Gollum creature hugely – but saw a forum where a lady found him cute – Hmmm.

P.S: Since the post was about a underwhelming experience I will just post a unrelated link from CWG which was a overwhelming experience.I am no athletics fan nor ever watch it but was led to it by a link and was wowed by it.Girls with no support whasoever and such odds and the video seems just like a thriller in a movie.


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