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This post was actually prompted after the previous post about crowds and individuals thought i expressed.
This first thought came to me years ago first in school though then it was not so definitive.

It was prompted by a story in it called “Remember the Roses”.
As if the mystery in the story was not enough it was the only story in the book for whom author information page said “Information not available” author name though was Avery Taylor but the yeah there was no Google then.
Its a story that has a haunting quality about it and i believed i was the only one who thought so much about it, but i found a comment here just a few hours ago by someone who also remembers it which just adds to the story anyways :).
Caesarean Conspiracies seems to be my most visited post on the blog .

Actually thought i would put a link to the story if i could find it online and i was led to a site http://www.remembertheroses.com/ .

Here the person tells in the background section how he came across the story
“About fifteen years ago while traveling in India, I came across an old book of short stories being read by the school children there”

I happen to be one of the schoolchildren and have loved it ever since.
I would want to see the movie cause everyone has their own interpretation ,
own touching part of the story and a part of my own imagination and thoughts is what this post is all about.
Every time i think of the story i have a different dimension to it.

The story overall is really special in that special book aptly name “Treasury of short stories ” .
I still treasure it and its yellow pages with underlines and meanings i remember some of the happiest days of my life.

There is a word called “apoplexy” in it which i had not understood and had looked up the dictionary.
Strangely i forget so much in todays’s world, but i always remember that word and the story.
It is in this story that in those days when very few people around spoke good english that we came across the first french words “Au revoir” ,”Adieu” and “Vive Churchill” etc.

Its a story set in the World war era of Nazis where Robert a soldier of the Allied forces is captured by the German and he is saved by a
mysterious woman called Jehane Lebrun.
No one believes his true story and report of escape and when he digs up the evidences he can only come to the conclusion that its Joan of Arc
who saved him and his friend.
But what is more touching is the way the story sets off as though this Robert of the second world war era is the Knight called
Sir Robert whom Joan of Arc is supposed to have loved.
Its a very touching story with just the right amout of love , mystery and history and sort of lingers on and on in the mind especially the last line

See Jehane i remembered the roses

In this story the below lines are the ones which first brought the conflicting thought about individual vs the whole crowd(be it a nation/ community/family).

Here Robert is being helped to escape by Jehane and he also tries to take with him another captive soldier but he is unconscious and when Robert cannot revive him

Robert decides to kill him so that he has an easy death compared to the torture by Nazis to give secrets, but Jehane prevents this by the below argument.

Robert:“Do you think i enjoy doing it”
Joan:“No it sickens you”
Robert:“yes but its necessary”

Joan: “Ah yes the old story Always the same. Better to sacrifice one life than many. Thats what they tell you , isn’t it”

Robert:“And its true”

Joan:Its never true” There was pitiless anger in her eyes and her voice was bitter
“Every life is precious. War demands that we kill, but in our own defence, to save what God has given us.But this is murder…It is betrayal and you know its wrong. In
your heart its wrong”

Since then whenever i come to a conflict about whether Every life is precious or some are more equal than the others this story fills my mind.
Honestly i have never resolved any answer.
As long as that one life to be sacrificed is no one to you or rather is not some one precious or special in our own eyes , we have a tendency to say yes one life can and should be sacrificed if saves/ helps the collective whole.

The moment we replace the person to be sacrificed with someone we love or regard as a great person relative to other being who live day in and day out the argument thins out and we believe every life is precious.

Its also probably my favorite short story with a romatic touch, along with that excellent Jeffrey Archer short story called “Old Love” and i remember it very well ,far after it was supposed to be remembered by the school .


P.S: For all those who somehow love this story , thanks to Vinits efforts we have a pdf version of it. and here is the link to download “Remember the Roses”.Very nice of you Vinitt and thanks a lot.

Check the comments section for links to other stories and a few more uploaded here.


Update3: Since this a rare post with too many comments to scan through I am putting the links to the specific comments where one can get all stories and of course the scanned copies download .
all the stories are collected from the net and whatever we could not I have scanned my copy and uploaded it.

Check the two links below



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