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Sometimes its a exhilarating feeling when someone puts so beautifully and to the point what you so much feel about.

Whenever i find anyone who reads books we do end up talking about Ayn Rand… i guess a lot of them have read AYn Rand and like most people are influenced by her.
But most people in this world are found of ‘Fountainhead ‘.Its listed by celebrities as such a strong book and what not but for me its hogwash compared to other books by her.

If “Atlas shrugged” has one of the most powerful heroines anywhere in modern Fiction except of course my fav “Scarlett O Hara”…Fountain head has a wimp a hopeless heroine ever.

The other book people like is Atlas Shrugged and yeah i agree its a good book….but for me my favorite book was and is ‘ We the Living ‘. For me its realistic in the sense that unlike other books it simply is not an ideal…as if the whole world does not exist…its about individuality despite the world….and i love the book among all her book. I could never really explain to people why i liked that book over the other famous two.I and a friend of mine who is another of those hard core Fountain head fans had arguments on it and my views were so exact to the ARTICLE i came across .
It was as if some one wrote about our discussions and my opinions as it is.Its such a coincidence and its a feeling like well….exactly see thats what i feel.

“True. But for me there’s something even more powerful about We the Living — it’s as if the novel was written in blood. The fact that Rand lived through the same kinds of things that Kira lived through gives it an almost primal quality. It’s a cry from the heart. I think perhaps that’s what turns off Objectivists about it — it’s too emotional in a way, not serenely rational like her later novels.”

“I think a simpler explanation is that Objectivists don’t like the fact that it has a tragic ending.”

“I’m sure that doesn’t help either. But despite the ending, I think We the Living is more alive than her other novels. It’s about these characters fighting to live their lives. They’re not fighting for ideas, but for the simple right to live their lives and pursue their values.
I always felt exactly the above….

Its a tragedy alright…to me when i first read it it was more tragic than any i had read….i remember i had shut the book almost 3 times at those last pages where Kira asks Leo just one question…”If i tell you something that will hold you back would you still some day go ” and Leo answers ” Yes…but what is there to hold me back” and she replies…Nothing…” …….very few books can hold me like that.

It is also the reason why dont like reading pure philosophical discourses and hate and despise Self help…why i prefer fiction with philosophical touches better.

Its her most not so famous book and yet to me thats her true book over all the others wher its all theories galore….


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