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Flowers of India….

There are somethings you come across once in a while and you feel so much gratitude and happiness. They are such simple and silly things some may say,….but neverthless
I had already blogged about how i wished to find about names of certain flowers i see esp the local names and so on here.
In those days i probably spent hours and rupees of carefully allocated time and money on internet searching for something like this and never did find it.Sometimes i used to look them in the University library but how mch can you find in a university thats more a technical one. Then last month i found the site http://www.flowersofindia.net/ by sheer chance . Its a lovely site and it wonderful to see some on compile it so lovingly.Flower names in Indian languages with pictures.Like it was so nice when i saw that blue flower i often looked at and wondered what to call ….. it is called “Aparajita” or Butterfly pea. Sadly very few people know the Indian names . We are so used to the names we read in English.
And one tree i always wanted a snap beneath but never seemed to happen somehow is this very pretty Amaltas. Its so very pretty.

Or there’s a flower that i sort of loved a lot as it has memories of my childhood. The harsingar or Parijat…the orange white flowers we used to pick when we were children.
There’s this stupid fantasy of standing beneath it while they fall down all spoiled by my friend when she remarked…oh there are way too many worms and insects in that tree they all will fall too. Now i’m too scared to try anything like that ever.
But In the last home i lived there was one just outside the gate and every morning i used to find my path strewn with them.
Here’s a pic i took then.Hmm i miss em……
Its so wonderful to be able to put in such effort and come out with such a site. It looks like nothing much but i am sure it gives immense personal happiness. Just seeing the site made me quite happy.


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The world of reality has its limits…..sadly

I was kind of lost………….and did not know what to do as i sat at my PC….to stay away from it means other kind of troubles in this closed up house.So i just sat down staring at it till my screensaver came up a huge slideshow of all my hopeless collection of flowers and trees from the net.There are two pictures of two trees starkly different one with bright white flowers which i adore and one deep orange leaves, both i love and as they looped through i kept imagining standing beneath those trees….and looking up at the……it seemed lovely the illusion.

But in reality i found a tree with yellow flowers(reality is always different hmmmm) hanging down all over the tree near my office.I literally sat below it and looked up and i saw the lovely flowers and those bunch of fleas in there too and i got scared of them getting into my eyes and lenses and got away.Then i started wondering…may be thats the problem with me ….i see more reality than i wish to see.That is why i guess Jean Jacques Rousseau said
The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

This is one of those Classic poems from Vikram Seth,…..actually its the title poem of that book.”All you who sleep Tonight”….It was long since i opened the book…i just enjoy glancing at it and playing my games of randomly opening pages.Since its long since a poem was posted by me and i am in no mood to write anything poetic …… i’m like more in mood to write some thing caustic but let it be.So i thought of putting t his poem here.Words can be woven so beautifully or is it thoughts can be transformed so wonderfully i think as i read his poems.
All you who sleep tonight
Far from the ones you love,
No hand to left or right
And emptiness above –
Know that you aren’t alone
The whole world shares your tears,
Some for two nights or one,
And some for all their years.
— Vikram Seth

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