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After a very hectic fortnight in November work again is languishing in the festive month of December(yeah for MNC’s it is) – , but I’ve had too many things on mind and too little coherence in thought to pen anything.

So much has happened all around.On 26/11 I was working late night from home with TV on and me glued to my laptop and frustrated with slow network when I first saw the news scrolling and since then watched on till over 24 hrs till I got exasperated at the way things were stretched out.

But the hardest part is the conversations the lunch time ones.Everyone has opinions – so do I so no offence taken but the way it goes on unnerves you.

I have seen relatively liberal people suddenly becoming extremely touchy about religion and to some extent I seem to run out of any arguments on this and at times feel I am succumbing to it despite being agnostic.
Things are such and while one should not desist from calling a spade a spade and that the most destructive harbingers of terror right now are fanatics of what they call jihad.
Fanatics of Hinduism and Christianity and Communism and all are the same – a horror for humane peace loving society but the one difference one sees is while most other fanatics are somehow outnumbered or at least well matched by the liberals of that sect or community,this seems sort of difficult in a religion where any voice of dissent has a fatwa issued somehow(not always literally – but imagine the plight of being a outcast among aggressive followers of such a God esp when projected as a voice against their God).

The deep rooted passion and aggression displayed by fanatics of terror is lacking in the just and peace loving denizens of the religion.
My stupid doubt is if you can be brainwashed about injustices , is there no shrink available who can brainwash a few about the just things and right things – even in these dark times some good does happen I am sure.

Whatever all this is I hardly believe solution is as simple as most people project it.
Why are people so unrealistic – whether we like it or not partition happened and we have a Muslim population higher than anywhere else .There is no community or sect of any kind which is full of saints and the world is not black or white.

So why do even well educated and well traveled people talk of simplistic and jingoistic solutions. (But when a Booker Prize winner like Ms Roy can talk Trash of the kind she does(Ive some instinctive dislike to her and her recent talk and writings are pathetic) – We just hope way too much from literacy – rediff message boards are a 24X7 proof that literacy does not take humanity forward and education is a different thing altogether. )

People just point to history as a cause for a happening.

History repeats itself because we always hark back to it , get agitated about it ,relive it rather than avoiding its mistakes.

Is is really possible in current scenario of so much globalization to wipe out any chunk of a major community sect or religion and its followers that easily – without getting into the dark ages and making the bulk of humanity irrespective of religion/community/sect etc suffer for decades.

In today’s age of nuclear weapons and biological and chemical warfare how can anyone with an iota of sense believe WAR is a solution.But so many people talk as if these terrorists are a set of boxed out things which can be wiped out in one shot or two. What people forget is the days of winning and losing wars in a realistic sense is over – its all about how much and how long one can bleed the opposition.

In fact i remember the quote from the “The Art of War”-
To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence;
supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without

Then almost every one talks as though Army Rule was is a solution to our corrupt politicians. This from people who make comments about being checked at entry and exit points. Are they really that thoughtless or do people just make conversations for the heck of it.
I oscillate between being irritated enough to argue a point or two and remembering the golden rule of silence.

Everyone says this time things will change – yes one does hope but what I concluded when I heard people was somehow this – There is a serious leadership vacuum in our country.

Everyone is charged up against corruption – against our politicians , against traitors, willing to do things and what not but what they want is a new leader i.e a new GOD.

The followers are ready but where is that leader who can satiate them.

Americans found Obama and they found hope and so “Hope, deceiving as it is, serves at least to lead us to the end of our lives by an agreeable route. ” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Where do we find our deceiver – Nah dont tell me its Maya … – the great deception.


P.S: I came across a few articles on the Net and so on a relook I too at times on looking back felt  that The batman with its Joker scenario was too much of a coincidence for 26/11 – of course batman is missing.

Though now I do wonder all those fanatic admirers of Joker do they admire Kasab too ?


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