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Long last year vertigohead recommended me to watch The Jane Austen Book Club on a post comment and well finally I did.And did I like it sure.
Its quite a lovely watch, and while it does make you want to re read Austen.(Except Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility I cannot really remember characters of all other novels completely.) what the movie did was may be inspire me to think about finally trying out a bit of science fiction because that’s probably the one genre I tend to deliberately avoid giving the same reason , that its not about real people
and other stuff like – as it is am struggling with bits and bytes at work why bring them into the book readings too.

Then this week again there was some astrology drama at home and I have such a thing against them since probably I read Macbeth first time.(detailed rant here).

Then that day as I watched Matrix on TV ,I just love that Oracle part.
There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path as Morpheus says.
Well true,agreed but in that case why bother with knowing it .
Why not just walk it believing you will find the path yourself, why is the oracle needed??
So that they can do what psychiatrists do mentally train you to believe the right thing ??,
in that case how can you call it destiny.

I esp like that question the oracle asks Neo, – would the vase have broken still if I had not said that.
Thats how I think astrologers are so much of the time .
Its so much wordplay , psychology and powerplay .
Macbeth’s Witches!!!


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