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Upset about a….. I was really upset early morning.
Really upset ….about what could seem to many a really small thing
after all there are bigger issues this world and what not.
but well i think its the smallest things that get you out of your mind.
As goes the quote
It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.
well coming back why i was upset enough and remember it to write a blog.
Its all because of a Rose.
My lovely peach rose plant .the only one that survived my house move few months ago.(I still cant get over leaving that
house where i had grown such a lovely garden to this morose house with hardly any place for them).
oh how i tok care of it …i remembered to water it at the cost of being late a bit to office in summer. now its blooming and last four times in the fortnight everyday by the time i get back from office its gone
and im left frustrated at this theft.
Today it was worse..i woke up walked out .it was oh so perfect ..nice curled up waking to the sun
and i got ready for office , went to look at it while leaving for office and it was gone.
Obviously the work of one of the servant girls in the houses within…
I was seething and fuming and really it upsets me so much……fifth time…..why does the rose have to bloom on monday my thoughts go awry in anger. I missed my one of my flower loving friends(now far in the us) who’s one of those few people
who’d understand how upsetting it is.
Since my mom knew there was no solution to this as they would not listen
she moved the pot to our dark backyard where you can hardly see it unless you go there.
You can buy flowers sure i love them too but nothing like flowers of your garden. I never did like people plucking flowers except may be the fragrant ones lot of southindian women use for braids(I personally like flowers on the plants best or may be in vases inside never in hair but im not
against personal choices).
What really gets to me is stealing flowers.
I can’t remember now but i think it was Ruskin bond who said
“why do perfectly honest people think its fine to steal flowers and books”.
Forget about dishonest ones……
Hmm i have many opinions on it and i’ll continue this in my next post coz as of now i will only give lopsided arguments.
After all i too don’t mind getting a plucking out a few plants(not flowers though) from here and there not from individuals who ‘d be upset ,.But then i sure got plants out from parks to my pots and saw them bloom better .
So so so what…… how dare some stupid woman simply dare to pluck n steal my rose everyday to adorn her hair.
I hate it.


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