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Every year its the same seasons for us and they come and go whether you notice them or let them pass by busying yourself in the necessary activities of our mundane life .

Yet there will be a day – some day when you some how suddenly see it or rather feel it – That the season’s changing and then feel as if its something to be noticed.

It was a late Saturday afternoon and after being tired working on a issue which seemed worth exploring walked into the balcony .
The light sun seemed to shine specially on my nearly wilting rose of pink and white hue and then slowly the sun started setting and as I spent time lazing around – you could feel it all in the air like YES!!! Winter is starting and enjoy it for a while.

And then the wintry chill of memories takes you over . Things start flashing in your head – its been such a boring long life most times and yet you remember.
Of childhood gardens –
Of childhood taunts –
Of the stormy dust wind rounded up right in front of the rickshaw as you came home from school –
Of things you’ve given up on
Of people who made you smile
Of times when you hoped
Of times when you believed

There isn’t much to be sad or happy about – its just a day – its just a season I’ve seen for three decades and yet may be its those decades that weigh you down .


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