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       Saw parineeta the movie last weekend after so many days a movie in theatre i could see.

       The movie is so very short but quite pretty.Saif Ali Khan and Vidya Balan in Parineeta

       Its more of a look and feel movie though i felt

        of a lost era of a lost time

        The heroine is beautiful no doubt but what i liked best about the movie was it did not go  overboard  with anything the over emphasis to make it more bengali than it is and kind of   

       stuff   the kind ekta kapoor does whenever she shows a bengali family.


        My sis with whom i usually go to movies did not come along as she felt at this point life

        was tragic enough .so i went with a friend.we get along fine she’s a bit direct person with no mush

        kind so it was not surprising when at the end of movie she said

        ” why the heck did she have to go back to saif after so much insult …she’d have been happier in 

       london” well not all suck up to mushy stuff i guess like me….

       but frankly the movie script or acting does not capture you good though it is..it is the look that    

     does it …a kinda  lost world.


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To dark nights

these are a few lines i wrote as remembered those days when i worked the nite shifts.they were hard times but were made good times by some nice people.life has moved on to different places but i remember those nights well.

to dark nights i woke up to bright lights

to sunny mornings i bid adieu for weary slumber
to those shivering nights in shimmering color now past
to the honking horn the made one quiver
to coffee cups guzzled to keep the eye clear
to choclate nibbled and chips cracked to make all else mere
to the quick walks and hurried auxes
to endless talk and sugary voices that echoed in every chair
to hi’s and byes that made this strange existence livelier
to friends and foes and all that left memories
to last I raise a cheer for i will strangely hold them all dear.

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It was some experience i had unwillingly working on a weekend.

It was not the usual work but was called on to do candidate profile assessment of some candidates for our org’s recruitment .as ever Interviews and teachers correcting exampapers in school leave some funny memories(i’ll some day write about it.our teachers in school thought our batch wrote the most inventive answers.)
The most interesting i remember was read to us by our teacher in class.

a guy in our class wrote this for the question in economics asking
Why is the productivity of Indian Agriculture low?
Ans>because indian farmers drink and sleep in the fields.
So correction time in our school was huge fun for our teachers.

well to get back to my weekend activity .. here i was at the other end of the table when just a few months backi was at the other end .
There were all kinds the enthusisatic freshers ,
the care a damn (i have been at it since long)unemployed,
the polished dissastisfied people.
good thing was we as such were only handling basic profiles,no techy stuff by us there were others to try those out.
so all the general questions by us.

tell me about yourself..(God how i hated to start on this and now i ask the same tellme abt….)
they come in all ways.
one goes on n on abt his mom ‘s qualifications…..

other is so loud that im embarassed in a hall of interviews on….

there’s one that claims gud experience ….. all claim…so did i
but the catch the guy is not sure what his experience is in…

there were others who seemed to be bright at least our education system rated them pretty high.but could hardly mumble.
(u wanna catch all such ppl and tell them once and for all

ppl i hate marketing but thats what is needed for what you want or what u say u want ..get a grip …get smart….talk as if you know even if don’t u can find out later if you need to.this i learnt from experience so i wish others are spared that but i guess experience is the best teacher.)
this whole scenario was such an experience but i’ll elaborate later.

id love blogging a lot more if i could get that electronic pen.
i just hate typing after

a whole day at office
banging keys and scrolling mouses
flickering screens and freezing cabin houses.

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well so many thoughts float by so just thought lets freeze them a bit.

esp the whole of last week was simply left wondering about some of them….Its actually the smallest of the things that trigger an avalanche of thoughts.

What left me absolutely wondering was my manager asking me a simple question “u want the whole of the weekend ah?” when i preferred not to be at the workplace on the saturday.next day when sunday too i refused i got the above question with a saccharine sweet smile.

Hey u ve gotten a 5 day week so the weekends r urs so i thought but i guess it never is like that.That took me to another flash back and thoughts .oh how much hue and cry i made about working on weekends when paid overtime at my previous job and now i just have to.You get a job n then leave a job with hope ,with beleifs and then u realise its the same .

Is teamwork really fun ?

how many people escape work in the name of teamwork.i have been there seen that . u get into the job at a junior level and u bcome the work horse.so….. its common say friends.uve gotto rise above by proving urself.really how.that opportunity is denied to u till another comes to take ur place basically the same ol storywait ull get ur chance..but what if u do not happen to have a heart and cunning to use the new person then what.

then u remain where u r and the guy/gal’s a lucky one.

most of us are simply white collared manual labour for the americans esp.but more on that later.so u keep goin on n on n finally wanna get a new job n u strive get it and the cycle begins till with time experience and cunning u might end up there i.e. the one for whom a new workhorse works.

So the smart workers and the hard workers do all the work for the lazy workers why ??? coz uve gotta b a teamplayer and help
ur teammate.

the trend…. i never understand with managers…a guy goes on a leave allowed for him by the organization (with banners like we encourage u to take time offand have fun.…ha ha ha……then u have to cook up excuses to take a 3 day leave.u cant say on the leave application to have fun….u might get it sanctioned actually for novelty value only to be called back in the middle of leave on pretext of a crisis ) the manager takes a meeting and says we’ve gotta work late or on weekendsto cover up for this guys tie.he’ll do it for u when u r on leave.really …..what abt the guy whos on leave when theres no work….others have fun at his expense…ha selfish thoughts they may be but ive seen them simmering in so many eyes. Mine i ve just frozen them here…..

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